Thursday, March 12, 2009

No. Blog not dead.

However, Elmer and I spent the last 3 months living in a hotel while we were waiting for our CofO for our house.

..which we now have.

(And there was much rejoicing!!!)

First thing Elmer did was unpack the kitchen.
Then, he made a chicken in his brand new 7.25 QT Le Creuset Dutch Oven. Not content with that, he later made a chicken and andouille gumbo.

I think it's because Le Crueset now comes in black (excuse me... onyx). He always wanted one, but the colors put him off. No longer. The moment he saw it came in black he whipped out the gift certificate my brother had gotten him and his credit card and orded it faster than I could say, "wait, but we are buying a house...."
I need to be faster with my reasonable objections, clearly.
Now The Precious is in his hands. And in our kitchen. And I am full.

Next step: We still need a common house CofO. Don't even get me started. I keep hearing soon... soon. It can not be soon enough.

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Johanna said...

I got one of those as a birthday gift last year, though mine is in royal blue. I loves it, really I'm not sure how my kitchen managed before.