Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Common House & Kitchen

(Common house front, with Sean, Maggie, Lynne, KathyJ and Alan)

So Elmer is a carpenter by trade, which means that the community has roped him in to help make sure that the contractor is actually building our houses correctly. It means I don't see him on Sundays much. He is on site checking out the construction and making punch lists. Lots of punch lists. Iterative punch lists. On the same buildings, over and over and over again.

But the good news is that means he takes a lot of photos of the common house.

This is the kitchen. See the pretty pretty fridges!! The counter top on the island is a temporary thing until the stainless steel counters come in. We have to have some temp stuff in place to pacify the building inspector so we can get a temp occupancy permit in time for Thanksgiving.

This is the low range for handicap assessable cooking. Plus, there are two of our ovens.

Here are the ranges and the other two ovens. Aren't you drooling? Don't you want to cook here????!! (God... I do.)

What's that you say? Will we be in by Thanksgiving?? Hell no. This kitchen is not ready to be inspected by the Board of Health. But on Thursday, even though we are not in our houses yet, we are having a pot luck Thanksgiving. Don't worry. I'll take photos. In the meantime this lovely, yet still functionally useless, kitchen will serve as the backdrop for our community to gather around. We will mingle in front of not quite finished fireplace and grin at each other and eat and dream of a yule season of cooking in this thing.

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