Friday, August 29, 2008


This blog has not been abandonded.
It has however, been relegated to the place of "OMG WE DO NOT HAVE TIME TO BREATHE, let alone blog" status.

Since May we:
Went on vacation.
Received an offer on the house.
Replaced the roof on the house (ourselves).
Moved into an apartment.
Moved the rest of our stuff into storage.
Kathy changed jobs.
Went on vacation again.
Sold some houses in Camelot, with many more houses left to sell (don't you want to come live with us??)
And of course, we are still overseeing the construction of our houses and our common house.

So... yeah. Not much time for blogging.

But move in date approaches. It may be as soon as the first week in October. We are super excited, but also exhausted at the thought of moving again.

But look..... look at the pretty Common House Kitchen!!!
And look! Look at the pretty kitchen in our own house!!

Okay, so they are not that pretty yet. But they will be!

And then we will actually have some substance to post about, you know, the whole point of this blog: Cooking for our Neighbors.

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